Puerto Morelos remains a lazy, little, sleepy fishing village. To date, it has avoided most of the expansion that has occurred in the last twenty years. It is blessed with the second longest reef in the world, just 200 yards offshore, which has just recently been made into a national park to help preserve the delicate balance of life in the water.
There are 4 to 5 restaurants, within walking distance of Villas Shanti, which offer a variety of inexpensive foods, such as seafood, Yucatecan food, and Italian. You will find that the townspeople are most friendly and "Hola" is a common greeting.

There are several souvenir shops and a grocery store for those who choose to make use of their own kitchen at Villas Shanti. Many people like to go down to the docks in the early afternoon and bargain with the fishermen for their catch of the day, and then return to cook the fish out on our barbecue grill.

Once a week there is a fresh fruit and vegetable market which comes to town early in the morning and sets up in the town square. Also on Sundays the artesians in the town set up their wares in the Plaza and people can mosey about and check out the crafts.

Taxis and buses are available for side trips and we also have a travel agency in town that enables people to rent cars and exchange their money.

There is also a new church in town and Mass is usually held on Wednesday nights.

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