We have a 1350 square foot outdoor facility with a thatched roof. It is screened with fans and a sound system, and is ideal for both small and large group activities such as yoga, aerobics, etc.

    Since 1990, many Yoga teachers have chosen Villas Shanti as the ideal place to hold their own Yoga workshops. As you can see, from the following schedule, many of these teachers come back again and again.

You can contact any of the teachers on this list to find out information
about their upcoming workshops.

Yoga Vacations 2021-2022 Season

Nov. 28 -Dec. 5th, 2021
Amy Pearce Hayden, Madison, Wi., 9th yr.

Jan. 1-Jan. 8 2022
The Health Advantage Center, Herndon, Va.
27th yr.
Susan Van Nuys

Jan. 8-15, 2022
Jeanne Cherner group
Minneapolis, Mn., 8th yr.

Jan. 15-Jan. 22, 2022
Dawn Curtis, Reston, Va.
East Meets West Yoga

Jan. 22-Jan. 29, 2022
Julie Stewart and Michael J. Taylor
The Yoga Place, Glen Ellyn, Ill., 5th yr.
Cell: 630-330-9461

Jan. 29-Feb. 5, 2022
De West
Be Center, LLC

Feb. 5-Feb. 12, 2022
Kitty Daly, St. Louis, Mo., 12th yr.
They Big Bend Yoga Center

Feb. 12-Feb. 19, and Feb. 19-Feb. 26, 2022
Susan Van Nuys, see Jan. 2-9.

Feb. 26-March 5, 2022
Nancy Marcy and Shannyn Joy Potter
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 612-799-2271

March 5-12, 2022
Molly Drake, Carboro, N.C., 27th yr.

March 12-19, 2022
Ann Flannery and Kara Douglas, Topsham, Me., 10th yer.

March 19-26, 2022
Yoga Center of Portland, Me., 25th yr.
Vicky Labbe and Michael Doyle
207-774-YOGA (9642)

March 26-April 2, 2022
Dani LaCastro
Heartful Yoga, Cold Spring, NY
Jean and Jack Loew
P.O. Box 464
Glen, NH 03838
(603) 383-6501
P.O. Box 789
Cancun, Q. R. Mexico 77500
Fax: 011-52-987-87-0041

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